Pandillas Punenas


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In Peru, people are used to talking about Puno as the folk capital due to the huge variety of dances that this Andean region has, which contain some of their own  unique dance creations such as Kajelo, el Carnaval de Ichu, el Carnaval de Arapa, los Tucumanos and of course the Pandillas Punenas, with a slow, majestic, syncopated rhythms with serpentine like phrases.



  • Rhythm: Huaynos Pandilleros
  • Key Signature: A Minor
  • Time Signature: 2/4
  • Tempo: 70 bpm


  • Looks complicated but it is easier than you think
  • The 16th notes can be played as dynamic 8th notes
  • You must be fluent on scales and arpeggios, specially on the Fugue
  • Remember that each phrase repeats twice which also means that you should be proficient on sight reading
  • There are big note jumps which, will need to be worked on slowly.



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