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  • Coping With Stress

    Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. Right now, we are going through difficult and stressful times. Having a way of coping with stress is imperative…

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  • Danza De Las Collas

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  • How To Sell Music

    This PDF guide will give you  some very useful tips on how  to sell your music.


    To download

    find the product
    click on the “DONWLOAD NOW”…

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  • Ojos Azules (Sheet Music)

    Ojos azules is a traditional taquira also played as huayno song of the Andean Altiplano region, authored by the famous Bolivian composer Gilberto Rojas Enriquez in 1947 Details Music…

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  • Ollantay Backing Track Bundle

    This Pack contains everything you need to successfully play the song Ollantay as presented on our Quena Master Course. With a very  Special Discount For Our Gold Members. Included…

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  • Ollantay – Yaravi from Cuzco Peru (For Two Quenas)

    Ollantay is an Incan legend that describes the origin of the Quena written in the ancient language of Quechua. But here we present to you the sheet music  of…

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