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  • Professional Zampona

    Professional Bamboo Zampona with 17 tubes (upper row 9 tubes, lower row 8 tubes) This Instrument is based on the G Major Scale (contains an F#) , tuned at…

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  • Rondador

    The Rondador is a set of chorded cane panpipes that produces two tones simultaneously. It consists of pieces of cane, placed side by side in order by size and…

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  • Professional Bamboo Quena

    This Quena is made of  high quality bamboo, suitable for studio recordings, concerts and daily performances. With deep lows and sweet high registers, this instrument can be used by…

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  • Bamboo Quena (for Beginners)

    The Quena is a popular instrument from the Andes Mountains of South America that it can be heard on almost all of the traditional and contemporary Andean songs. This…

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